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Insurance companies are increasing everyone’s premium every year. OAP Car Insurance have carefully selected providers that will give you the best price. Our aim is to provide old aged pensioners with the cheapest insurance.

Insurance providers come up with all sorts of reason to increase the cost every year. This is why we want to put a stop to this. It doesn’t matter about your age, as providers are currently putting everyone’s premiums up every year.

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OAP Car Insurance UK - The Cheapest Cover For Seniors.The chances are, you have many years of experience on the road and it’s becoming costly. Select a category above to take control and let us help you find the best quote. Let us do the leg work for you while you relax. It Only takes 60 seconds to get hundreds of quotes.

General Information & Tips

OAP Car Insurance understand the importance of finding the cheapest premiums. Fully comprehensive is the cover we recommend, because research has found that this would be the cheapest option in most cases. I know this sounds a little silly, but it’s true. Fully comp was cheaper than third party fire and third party only.

Furthermore, all providers will ask you the market value of your vehicle. This doesn’t matter because they will only cover the market value at the time. However, this seems to have an effect for some strange reason. Don’t undervalue your motor, but try to play around with it a little. You could save a small fortune.