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Top 10 Tips When Buying UK Car Insurance For OAPs

Top 10 Tips When Buying UK Car Insurance For OAPs

And don’t forget you can start straight away.

So you want to buy car insurance and you are an OAP. And feeling overwhelmed with everything being online?

Here’s what we recommend.

1. Choose a time when you will not get disturbed. At least 1.5 hours.

2. Have a pen and paper to hand and a calculator if need be.

3. If you do not understand the car insurance terms being used, find out. Or visit our glossary page here.

4. Never sign anything you do not understand. If you lack confidence you can say “I am sorry but I don’t want to sign anything today and I wish to check this over with someone else.”

5. Always ask for a hard copy in writing if you need. You can ask they send this via the post. Or to your email.

6. Often – when renewing car insurance the agent on the other end of the phone, will read out text over the phone. You can ask them to speak slow or put it into writing.

7. You can call and ask for help but make sure the phone number starts with 08 or 03 – even when using a mobile as these will be free.

8. When you call a car insurance company, identify yourself as a OAP – and ask that you need extra help. And for them to speak slow. Or have someone with you.

9. Ask as many questions as you want. And always ask for the price if you pay in full for the year (which is often cheaper) than monthly direct debits.

10. If you have any problems contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

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It can be a minefield. And so that is why we ensure you get help in finding the right car insurance without losing out on all the savings.

Everyone can get started in finding out how to renew your car insurance using the internet.  And why this website was made for those who are already silver surfers or those who just need that extra help from loved ones, to help navigate their way round.

We bring you articles, advice and tips on how to make your internet search relaxed, informed and easy. As well as pointing you to charities and other organisation who can help you.

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