Is car insurance cheaper if you are retired in the UK?

Is car insurance cheaper if you are retired in the UK?If you’re an older person and you’ve been driving for many years there’s a good chance you have built up a sizable No Claims Discount, which means your premium is more than likely be lower than a younger person would have to pay.

You will usually pay less for car insurance as you age, but if you have had a history of driving convictions or car insurance claims then it is more than likely that your premiums go up. Likewise, if you add other or younger drivers to your policy or if you add more cars to your policy, you’ll likely have to pay more.

Does car insurance cost more if you’re unemployed or retired? Unfair as it might seem, the answer is often yes. Without a secure job, insurance providers can consider you a higher risk.  This can make a difference to the cost come renewal time. This is why it is important to compare insurance quotes to find the best policy for you.


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